Worth a look

Worthy Brown's Daughter - Phillip Margolin

Worthy Brown's is a black man who lives in Oregon just after statehood. He was brought there by his master, and by his reckoning and the new laws he is a free man. But his master, a slimy lawyer named Caleb Barbour who is connected to all the most powerful men in the territory, insists that Worthy must work for him for an additional year to free himself and his daughter. And so Worthy puts in the time, but at the end of his toil, Barbour refuses to release his daughter, Roxanne. These are the fact which Worthy lays before Matthew Perry, the man he asks to be his lawyer. 


The strengths of this book lie in its closely observed characters and in the courtroom battles that propel much of the action. Engaging and interesting, this book will be loved by fans of Lonesome Dove and by those who enjoy courtroom drama.