Fly Away Home

We Never Asked for Wings: A Novel - Vanessa Diffenbaugh

To say that Letty has messed up her life is, at the very least, fair. She got pregnant and didn’t go to college, neglected to tell her child’s father that the kid existed, and pushed the responsibility of caring for her children off onto her mother. So when Letty’s mom and dad leave for Mexico, permanently, she panics and chases after them.


Letty’s children, Alex and Luna are resilient, and Alex is particularly intelligent. Once Letty figures out that she is stuck being a parent she makes some spectacular mistakes but not all she does is bad. She gets both kids into a better school, using a friend’s address, and she begins to correct for past mistakes. But then Alex takes a chance on a friend and life spirals wildly back out of control.


Those who enjoyed Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s previous book, The Language of Flowers will enjoy We Never Asked For Wings. The story moves quickly and the characters are engaging. This book’s topic, the human stories behind the legalities of immigration, may have a broader audience than the foster system explored in her previous work.