Girl Power

Little Robot - Ben Hatke Julia’s House for Lost Creatures - Ben Hatke

Ben Hatke’s beguiling illustrations are back, this time telling the story of a lonely little girl who finds a robot. This little girl is really kind of a badass. She crawls out the back window of her trailer park home and goes to play in the woods and the junkyard. She finds a tool belt, straps it on, and starts tinkering with confidence. Soon she comes upon a lost robot that is also lonely and strikes up a friendship, creating robot buddies out of car parts when the robot indicates he’s missing his friends. Soon they have to do battle with a monstrous robot that wants to return the little robot to his rightful owners.


There are very few words in this story, which could be used with ages 3-5 to teach reading conventions, and as a stand-along for ages 6-8. It also might be used with English learners who could practice telling what is happening in the illustrations.