Jedi Academy review

Jedi Academy - Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars: Jedi Academy is a graphic novel that gently lampoons the Star Wars universe. Roan, who grew up on Tatooine, is plucked from obscurity (and the dreadful possibility of Agriculture School) and admitted to Jedi Academy. He really wanted to be a starfighter, but oh well.


Once at the Academy, Roan finds himself woefully behind in using The Force, but as he was handpicked by Master Yoda, he is encouraged and eventually has a somewhat realistic middle school experience as he makes friends and gets involved in school activities. The best bits are the jokes aimed at older readers and Star Wars Fans, such as “What Master Yoda Said” and Roan’s school subject notes, particularly those on building a lightsaber.


This should be a hit with kids reading at about a 3rd grade level, and could be used in middle school with reluctant readers who would better understand the Star Wars jokes.