Deja Vu All Over Again

And Again: A Novel - Jessica Chiarella Lock In - John Scalzi Old Man's War - John Scalzi The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker

And Again finds a group of 4 people just as they are emerging from the first stages of an experimental medical procedure that will implant their memories into cloned, genetically perfect, replica bodies. As part of the SUBlife program that provided each person an out from terminal illness, they are required to come together for weekly group therapy sessions, and it is through these sessions, as well as each character’s commentary, that we follow their re-entry into a society that had, in some cases, already made peace with those same characters’ deaths.

And Again shares the cloned bodies—transferred memories conceit with some of John Scalzi’s books, most recently Lock In, as well as the Old Man’s War series. It shares the tweaked perspective of a relatively normal world with Age of Miracles.