At the Edge of Summer

At the Edge of Summer - by Jessica Brockmole

Jessica Brockmole’s second novel is a love story centered around two young sweethearts who are torn apart by family circumstances and World War I. Luc Crepet first meets Clare Ross when she becomes his family’s ward following the death of her father at age 15. Luc and Clare share an artistic temperament and quickly begin spending time together. Their age difference, Clare’s grief and life abroad with her grandfather, and WWI all conspire to keep the young lovers apart, however they keep in touch through letters, as they did when Luc was in college. They are brought together again through Clare’s work in an unusual studio when she returns to Paris after the war.


This author’s strength is in the manufacture of letters between the characters. There is less of this in this second novel than in Letters From Skye, which I preferred. All in all, At the Edge of Summer remains a satisfying read.