Thrice the Brindled Cat Hath Mew'd--Flavia de Luce #8

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd: A Flavia de Luce Novel - Alan Bradley

Flavia de Luce returns from boarding school, eager to get back to Bishop’s Lacey, but is met with the news that her father is ill and hospitalized. She ventures into town to commiserate with her friend, the pastor’s wife, and ends up on an errand to a woodcarver’s shop. She finds the woodcarver upside down and in dire straits. Thus begins Flavia’s 8th case to solve.


As with the other Flavia de Luce mysteries, the strength of this story is in the unusual characterization of Flavia herself, and in the relationships she has built with the townspeople of Bishop’s Lacey. Most of the series ends with a cliffhanger, and this installment is no exception. I look forward to seeing what is next for these characters.