A Wild Adventure

Serafina and the Twisted Staff (A Serafina Novel) - Robert Beatty

Serafina is back, keeping the Biltmore Estate safe from rats and other evil creatures. This sequel finds Serafina exploring her unusual heritage and looking for a place to truly belong. Along the way, there are heart stopping chases, new friends, and an even more terrifying enemy than before. This time Serafina is fighting against an sorcerer who uses a twisted staff to control the forest’s animals and turn them into fanged weapons. It’s up to Serafina and Braeden to discover who they are fighting—and why—before Biltmore and its inhabitants are destroyed.


The strength of this book is in its wild, engaging pacing, its unique characters, and its ability to describe the Biltmore Estate and important people of the turn of the century without ever sounding “educational.” Serafina’s struggle to understand who she is, how to interact with all kinds of people, and how to present herself is interesting and handled well. Kids who are interested in or feel an affinity with animals will particularly enjoy Serafina and Braeden’s special abilities.