God may be disappointed, but I wasn't

God Is Disappointed in You - Mark Russell, Shannon Wheeler The Book of Genesis - Robert Crumb

God is Disappointed in You by Mark Russell is anything but disappointing. That goofy guy who used to sit behind a star-spangled baby grand and sing about ridiculous politicians has now taken on the Bible. This retelling is accurate, but irreverent. Ironies, inconsistencies, and Pharisees abound. And it turns out, straight from Mary’s mouth, that Jesus’ middle name DOES start with an H. Who knew?


God is Disappointed in You would be a good to use with a teenager who was reluctant to brush up on his Bible stories, as a supplement to a Bible as Literature class, or for not-so-religious adults to read and have a good laugh. Anyone who enjoyed R. Crumb’s The Book of Genesis, would like this as well.