Lucky Us

Lucky Us - Amy Bloom

Lucky Us, Amy Bloom’s new novel, follows a cast of characters who are, predictably, anything but. Early on, the main character, 12 year-old Eva is dropped off on her philandering father’s doorstep, and meets her haughty, more privileged, and more accomplished half sister. The adults in Eva’s family are irresponsible con artists, so it is no surprise that when the sisters get tired of their father stealing their money, they steal a car and take off for Hollywood. There they meet a makeup man who will steadfastly fix everything he can, and a vixen who will unwind all their plans.


 If the Eva is lucky at all, it is in the people who help her along in her journey. Though she is at first misguided and aimless, Eva finds a way to care for and unite her fractured, chosen family as they navigate through the years surrounding the second world war.