Hungry for More

The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey

Melanie is the title character, The Girl With All the Gifts. And her gifts are many, she is a dear, insightful, intelligent child, whose curiousity and empathy make her a most engaging heroine. So it’s easy to feel sorry for her when 2 men come into her cell and strap her at her feet, wrists, and neck into a wheelchair that she doesn’t really need for the short trip down the corridor and into her classroom. It’s even easier to feel sorry for her when her weekend is described: she’s locked in her cell alone all Saturday long, and is treated to a bowl of insects and a burning chemical shower on Sundays.

Soon, the reason for these weird protocols is revealed, and shortly thereafter, all hell breaks loose. This book is a wild, unstoppable ride, and every time real life conspires to make you put it down, you’ll walk around in a daze, hungry for more.