Saints (Boxers & Saints)

Saints - Gene Luen Yang I'm glad to see this comic, which I originally read separately, sold as a boxed set. Ideally, in my opinion, these two volumes would NOT be offered separately, and maybe would be set up in a book that had one story from one cover and the other set in the flipped side. (I remember buying Maus I: My Father Bleeds History and then finishing it late at night and having to wait out the hours until I could run out and buy Maus II: And Here My Troubles Began. To me, those weren't two books, either.) As someone who didn't know much about the Boxer Rebellion, this double perspective offered an emotionally affecting and effective look at both aspects of the story: one from the rebel side, and another from the perspective of a Chinese Christian convert. Both sides were easily relatable, understandable, and equally tragic. Perfect as a starting point for history classes, Gene Yang fans who loved American Born Chinese, and interesting enough to grab the casual Graphic Novel reader who just happens to grab this book off the shelf, Boxers and Saints will be around for years to come.