Not Half the Man I Used to Be

The Magician's Lie: A Novel - Greer Macallister

Arden, a female illusionist whose trick, The Halved Man, seems to have gone desperately wrong, runs out of luck when she is captured by a small-town policeman named Virgil Holt. Virgil hopes her capture will save his career, and so he handcuffs The Amazing Arden to a chair in a deserted police station and demands to know why she murdered her husband. She insists that she did not, and commences to tell him the story of her life, an all-night saga of abuse, daring escapes, and her quest to stay one step ahead of the sociopath who has haunted her since her childhood. Virgil’s weakness is that he desperately hopes her magic and her story are real.


This book’s characters are enjoyable as are some of its descriptions, but the ending seems to tie up rather too swiftly and on a convenient technicality. Nevertheless, those who like historical fiction revolving around the turn of the century and magicians will find this diverting.