The Rosie Effect - Graeme Simsion

Last year’s funny and heartwarming hit, The Rosie Project was the story of a wildly intelligent but socially awkward professor who determined to find a suitable wife, and then ended up with Rosie, who was perfect for him so long as you weren’t looking at a spreadsheet


This year’s follow-up, The Rosie Effect, due just after Christmas, continues the story of Don and Rosie, but this time Don’s well-planned life is about to be disrupted by an unforeseen Baby Under Development. Rosie and Don have moved to New York, and both are at Colombia, Don as a research professor and Rosie as a medical student. Don’s attempts to learn everything there is to know about babies irritates Rosie, and eventually puts their relationship on the line.  


This novel’s strengths are in the wacky group of guys that Don surrounds himself with, and in the relationships that are built with other characters. Although Rosie’s irritability is not too surprising given her circumstances, it does seem a bit one-dimensional, leading me to wish for more character development for her. All in all, this novel is a light, amusing, well-observed romp that will brighten up your winter