Going Batty

Science Comics: Bats: Learning to Fly - Falynn Christine Koch, Falynn Christine Koch

Science Comics: Bats, Learning to Fly is an upbeat stream of information on bats. The information is presented through a plot: a teen is dragged to a night hike and is embarrassed by her parents’ reaction to, and subsequent injury of a bat. The bat is transported to a wildlife rescue station and meets every other type of bat you can think of. The teen shows up at the rescue to volunteer. The plot isn’t boring, however there is just enough of it to carry the information along. The information is presented in short bites, with lots of very informative and accurate pictures. The one issue I have with this comic is the odd look of all the humans. Their noses seem to be lower and larger than usual, giving them a gargoyle appearance. The bats, however look fine. This would work for kids in 3rd grade and up, but the addition of the teen character makes this perfect for an ELL middle school classroom.