No Sugar, But a Lot of Spice

Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? - Liz Prince Delayed Replays - Liz Prince Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir - Liz Prince

Liz Prince’s  is a memoir about finding one’s place in the world. Liz, whom we meet as a child, eschew frills and pink anything in favor of comfortable “tomboy” clothes. Anything considered “girly” is rejected. Lucky for her, her mother is particularly understanding about this. Surprisingly, so as is a Catholic school principal she meets as she grows up. But predictably, other children are quick to hone in on what they perceive as an unacceptable difference and tease and harass Liz. She feels betrayed as she notices her friends changing the way they look and act as the girls become teenagers and develop an interest in boys. This is not an option for Liz, but her artwork starts to open doors for her, and she is finally able to find a community where she fits without having to change herself.


This memoir’s realistic depiction of the struggles some girls go through make it a must have for school libraries (some of which will balk at the occasional reference to smoking, drugs, or sex). The overriding message and example contained within is that if you can hold on to your true self, you will eventually be able to find a group of people who will see what’s great about what’s inside of you.